Nowadays in modern societies the development of waste management for preventing from diseases, environmental pollution as well as the best exploitation from limited resources, is a necessity and all the countries have some rules and measures on their agenda in this regard.

Islamic Republic of Iran, according to its constitution, its  long time development plans, and emphases of his high rank officials, has so insist for preserve and revivak of environment and protection of his resources in various sectors.

The first conference of cooperation between Islamic Republic of Iran and Federal Republic of Germany in management of waste, is going to be held on 25th february of 2017 by the high rank officials of environment between 2 countries and for close relationship and face to face among companies, organizations and experts who are related to this field.

This is a proper opportuinity for all participants and actives in different section of economy included industries, micro and macro job owners as well as presentors of public services like manucipalities, hospitals, and health care providers to make them able to get informed from technology and sicence of Germany in the field of waste management directly and propose their needs  establish the practical and shared investment for future.